If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at, on our Facebook page ( or on the NAFPV2015 threads on RCGroups or FPVlab.


15879 NY-22
Stephentown, NY 12168

GPS: 42.5453108, -73.3659751


Gardner’s Ice Cream & Coffee is on the property, if you need a landmark.



The event will be running from noonThursday 8/13 – Sunday 8/16. These are the only dates we have the land rented for. If you plan to arrive earlier, or stay later, you will not be able to camp on the grounds. Please make other lodging arrangements.



We will not be allowing cars next to the flightline. Cars and RV’s will be allowed in the parking lot next to Gardner’s and in the camping area.



There will be portajohns available, but please note there is no running water on-site.



On-site we have Garner’s Ice Cream & Coffee. In addition to the obvious items they sell, they also have a pretty decent food menu. These guys have been great to us, so please take advantage of what they have to offer. There will be a catered BBQ Dinner Saturday night for those who have bought a dinner ticket. If you’d like to join us there’s still time to buy a ticket online. A short walk from the event site is a Dunkin’ Donuts/Cumberland Farms convenience store and gas station. New York summers tend to be hot, so please make sure you bring enough water and stay hydrated. There is nothing like a Target or Walmart that is very near to the site, so you may want to stop and pick up supplies before getting too close.



Once at the event, stop by the registration table and grab your badge. This is how we’ll know you’re able to fly. You’ll also receive a dinner ticket if you’ve purchased the Saturday night BBQ.

We’ll be running a time-slot managed flightline. You can register your frequency and time at the flightline table and we’ll block out that time for you and make sure your requested frequency isnt interfering with anyone else in that timeslot. Timeslots will be 15 minutes long. We will announce 5 minutes before the beginning of a new slot so you can get you equipment moved to the flight line. We will also announce 5 minutes before the end of a slot so you begin to think about landing. We want everyone to get as much flying in as possible, but we’ll need everyone’s help to make it work. Please be courteous for the next pilots in line. Please listen to the PA for these announcements. Who knows, we may be announcing random prizes throughout the day.



Please do NOT fly above Route 22, the gas station or Gardner’s Ice Cream (these are all on the northern border). Also avoid the flightline tents, personal tents, RVs and cars. There is plenty of other space to fly. Let’s not chance an incident by flying over people or someplace that could be dangerous. Make sure before landing there is no one in the landing area. Be safe. Have fun!


Generators/Battery Charging:

We will be providing a battery charging area that will be first come/first serve. Please be mindful that other pilots will also have batteries to charge, so do not spend all day charging every battery that you own! You may bring your own generator for power and battery charging, however, we will be setting up a special area somewhat away from the flightline to cut down on noise and fumes near the flightline and to prevent any battery mishaps from impacting the flightline and our expensive FPV equipment. Bring an extension cord.


Video and Control:

First and foremost: KNOW YOUR FREQUENCY! We don’t mean “1.3” or “5.8”, but the actual frequency of your video transmitter. Make a note in your phone or better yet, write it on a piece of tape and put it on your rig. In order to register a timeslot to fly, we need to know the specific freq. you’ll be flying to avoid any conflicts. Please do this before you arrive, because once managed flight time begins you wont be able to power on without a frequency tag.
This is a group FPV meet, you are not flying by yourself or with a handful of friends. So please leave the 2 watt video transmitter and 2.4GHz boosters at home! This isn’t a long-range mission meet and the boosters will raise the noise floor for others and could lead to failsafes or lockouts for those without ideal component separation. We will NOT be allowing repeaters of any sort. When you register for a timeslot to fly, you will need to tell us which frequency you will be using. When it is your turn, you will need to retrieve the appropriate frequency tag from the flightline table. YOU CANNOT POWER UP ANY VIDEO TRANSMITTER WITHOUT THE APPROPRIATE FREQUENCY TAG. Also call out your frequency before powering up as a courtesy. If you need to check equipment or make a repair, you will need to either make the repair BEFORE or AFTER registered flight resumes or register for a timeslot. We don’t want anyone’s rig going down because someone else plugged in on their frequency. Also, when you DO plugin, please make sure you are a decent distance way from another flyer’s groundstation so you can avoid swamping someone else’s vRx on powerup. Again, we need everyone’s cooperation so all participants can have a good time!

Fixed-wing and Multirotor Racing:

We’ll be having a few races during the weekend. Each day’s races can be registered once the registration table opens in the morning.



Children and pets must be chained at all times, and neither should be on tricycles or scooters. There is no daycare area, this can be a dangerous place.



There will be a bunch of sponsors on-site, who are either selling their wares or just wanted to come to hangout and fly. If you see one, tell them how awesome they are, how appreciative you are that they could help sponsor the event, and how many of whatever they’re selling you’ll buy. They’ll like that.



Distances are in miles.
Gas is sold by the gallon.
We don’t know what yellow cheese is. Order American cheese, and be proud that you did.
We won’t be serving poutine. Bring your own.


-The NEFPV crew